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Big Thinking

Although a garden may not be particularly large, it can pack a strong visual punch and work with the house to create that sense of indoor-outdoor connection that so many home owners crave.

Smaller gardens should rely on straight lines and simple shapes, contrasted with sharp, rough edges to create that dynamic outdoor space. By adopting an uncluttered approach, the outdoor space, although small, doesn’t feel that way at all.To keep an earthy element into this space, a heavily built area in timber can be incorporated in the form of a deck and stairs or path leading to a deck. Lights in a deck can give the outdoor area a beautiful appearance at night.Hammered-edge blue stone edging gives a strong, timeless look to all areas.

To draw the eye upwards, silver birch can be used as planting features – the deciduous cool-climate trees have a slender form and put on a wonderful display of warm foliage throughout autumn.

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