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Getting Decking Right

Getting Decking Right

1. Improper Deck Materials
Weather resistant materials are necessary on exterior structures to prevent rot or deterioration. There are specific fasteners for exterior conditions and it is critical that the proper fasteners are used. Select materials that are expressly made to withstand all weather conditions

2. Missing or improper joist hangers

Nails alone are not enough to counteract the shear forces on a structural member. Joist hangers are an essential element in creating reinforced connections and supported decking. Ensure the safety of your deck by using properly sized, engineered and correctly installed joist hangers.

3. Undersized structural members

An undersized structural member increases the risk of deck collapse and can create sagging and improper weight distribution. Avoid deck warping and collapsing by properly sizing all members and components of your deck.

4. Stairs with open risers or missing railings/ Improper railing height and baluster spacing

Open space between steps invites accidents. Avoid injuries and create a tailored look by covering the risers. Hand railings are fundamental to the safety of a stairwell. Building codes have very specific measurements for railings a balusters to avoid accidents and injuries.

5. Unsealed wood

Unsealed wood decks can age and deteriorate faster than sealed decks.

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