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Living or Constructed Fences

If your thinking of building a fence here are some things you might want to think about before you get started. The obvious difference is the height of a living fence.

Once a constructed fence starts getting over a certain height it requires engineering plans with specific specifications for footings, reinforcement and bracing requirements, for strengthening the wall itself just so it doesn’t topple over with the first gust of wind that comes along.

Constructed fences also cost more than a living fence. Any form of constructed fencing will require large amounts of money especially if it’s for privacy. If it’s for security needs then you can almost double it immediately.

On the other hand, living fences are relatively quite cheap. Depending on the age of the trees you can easily pocket some of your savings.

However, a living fence does take longer to grow. A constructed fence can be erected within a matter of days or weeks while living fences take years to grow and mature and to begin working effectively. Plus, it’s much easier for a tree or shrub to die and much harder to replace a middle plant should it die unexpectedly.

So if you head down the path of a living fence here are some plants you might want to consider. A non-invasive bamboo, conifers, pittosporum’s or even some Australian native melaleucas. These all provide decent height levels plus they will provide an excellent screen and aren’t easily susceptible to disease.

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