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New Garden for a new Home- The Soil on your Land- Part Three of a Six Part Series

New Garden for a new Home- The Land You have to Work With- Part Three of a Six Part Series

You will need to determine the type of soil you have to work with. The soil on your land has three major components; soil, sand, silt and clay- sand with the largest particles and clay with the smallest. Silt particles are of an intermediate size. An ideal garden soil is 40:40:20 of sand, silt & clay respectively.

The easiest way to determine the composition of your soil on your land is to take a fist full of soil and squeeze it into a ball. If it’s unable to hold it’s shape, your soil is too loose or sandy. Then try to break the ball apart by pressing on it with your thumb. A good soil will readily break apart, if it doesn’t, you probably have too much clay in your soil.

Once you have determined the composition of the soil on your land you will be able to understand what will suit and thrive in the soil. All soil types have their match of plants and trees- once educated on what’s best, then off to the nursery you go.

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