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Paths in your Landscaping

Whether you make them from concrete, gravel, pebbles or pavers, paths in your landscaping can add a touch of class to your garden.

I believe paths can help define spaces in your landscaping and always provide access from one part of the garden to another. Any path you have should always have a solid foundation with a non slip surface, wether the path is straight or curved you should always consider the drainage aspect to it
Using natural materials like sone, gravel or pebbles will give you a warm colourful look and contribute texture.

  • STONE PAVERS: Sandstone, bluestone, slate and granite are popular choices for paths in your landscape and come in a variety of colours. You can use square or rectangular or crazy paving, which can give you a more relaxed natural look.
  • Steeping Stones: These types of paths can be used in a wide range of your landscaping design. Your step stones can be square, rectangular or random and can be back filled with variety of gravels and pebbles in a contrasting colour to give your stepping stones a defined look. You should also consider using plants in these types of paths.
  • Pebbles and Gravel: If you have a creative side to you these paths are for you available in a huge variety of colours you can set your pebbles on a motor base that can give you a range of different patterns. Gravel is another option if you like a natural look and look very much at home in a cottage or rustic bushland style landscape.
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