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Plant Care In Winter

As the weather gets colder and plant growth slows down there are lots of things you can do to keep your garden in good condition. As winter comes so does the frost and the soil gets colder, so here are some tips to provide some protection to your plants

• It’s a good time to mulch as it helps retain warmth in your soil.
• All potted plants should be moved to shaded ares if possible, This will protect against frost.
• Prune your plants only when they have finished flowering.
• Apply a highly based nitrogen liquid fertilizer at the start of winter.
• Reduce the watering of your potted plants as they require less water in the winter.
• Avoid watering plants at night as dampness causes moulds. It is always better to water in the morning. Mow the lawn only if it needs it. As the grass needs some protection as well, so don’t mow too short.

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