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Spring Has Sprung

It’s time to get busy in your garden in Melbourne, consider what landscaping and gardening needs to be done, start now and come summer, the fruits (or vegetables rather) of your labor will have you eating healthy and enjoying time, admiring your beautiful yard.Icon Landscaping Group considers 5 important gardening and landscaping tasks for you to undertake in spring.

1. Vegetable Patch – Plant seeds in your garden for summer vegetables (tomatoes and cucumber for a delicious Greek salad or zucchini and squash to add to a healthy frittata recipe)

2. Decking, paving, pergola – reform your outdoor area for use in the upcoming heat of summer, create the ideal environment for a get together, whilst protecting yourself from the sun.
3. Lawn – fertilise all plants and lawns in your garden as growth resumes or have new turf laid
4. Plants – prune plants that flowered in winter and early spring
5. Weed, mulch and repot – Give your garden an easy uplift by removing weeds, adding mulch to your garden beds and repot potted plants that are not root bound.

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