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The Best Five Flowers To Grow From Seed

Sweet Peas: These blooms offer it all a nice fragrance, attractive colours, very easy to cultivate and to top it off they make great cut flowers that can decorate any home.

Nasturtium: In pots or hanging baskets, in garden beds as borders these seeds can brighten up all of these areas and as a bonus they are edible.

Marigold: These grow best in warmer weather, but in frost free areas the smaller flowered varieties will perform all year round.

Sunflower: Sunflowers seem to capture the colour of the sun. The bright yellow blooms add warmth to the summer garden.

Dahlia: Dahlias are members of the daisy family that bloom during the warmer months. They develop a curious, patato like tuber and can last for years.

General care of seedlings:

You must keep seeds moist but not wet until seedlings emerge. This may take seven to ten days for faster germinating seeds but two to four weeks for for slow starters. Although the top layer of soil may appear to be dry, the soil undernaeth can be quite damp. Test this by scraping some of the covering soil away with your finger and feeling the dampness of the mix underneath. Seedlings will require some shade when very young but as they grow they will need more sunlight.Control slugs and snails by using a pellet brand agent around the seed beds or containers. ASfter your seeds have thier true leaves begin fertilising with a soluble plant food at half strength.

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