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Water Restrictions

Although the end of water restrictions is aimed for 2013, stage 2 water restrictions are aimed for this year. With less restrictions all the time until 2013, people can start to rethink thier gardens with more freedom in mind.

People should still consider water wise gardens.. although advantages like being able to have a water permit for instant turf (like your buffalo, couch and kikuyu varieties) is great to have, especially for the initial 3-4 week root taking stage.

Also, being able to keep your flowering variety of plants alive through our summer (like azaleas, rhododendron, all types of flowering bulbs, fruit trees and vegetables) can give you back that colour we have missed out on for so long.

If anybody has any queries or doubts they can find this info on the our water our future web site under the section :the next stage of the governments plan.

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