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When to Grow Tomatoes

Tomatoes love the warmth so, in most areas, they grow best through the summer months. Spring and early summer are the ideal times to sow tomatoes from seed. Although tomato seeds can be planted direct into the garden bed, best results are usually obtained by sowing into pots or trays with a seed raising mix and transplanting when the plants are a few centimetres tall.

Some keen gardeners start their tomatoes indoors so they’re ready for planting out when the soil is warm. Growing tips Water in well at planting time. A layer of mulch will retain moisture in the soil. Fertilise 5 weeks and 10 weeks after planting with Yates Dynamic Lifter Advanced for Tomatoes. Feed once a fortnight with a high nitrogen fertiliser. Protect plants from pests and diseases with regular use of a Tomato Dust. In fruit fly-affected areas, as fruit approaches maturity, begin applications with a Fruit Fly Control or Lebaycid. Always read and follow label instructions carefully.

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